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Brooklyn & Nashville Folk Communities Come Together to Fight Climate Change with Benefit Concerts

January 28, 2017

Of the 17 hottest years ever recorded, 16 have occurred since 2000, and the Earth’s hottest year ever was 2016. While El Niño weather patterns have intensified temperatures, 97 percent or more of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.

However, President Trump has called climate change a hoax and nominated Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. Pruitt previous promoted himself as a “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.”

That’s what’s driving folk musicians in Brooklyn and Nashville to host Folk Fights Back this Sunday, Jan 29th. Two concerts with great lineups will be held simultaneously in each city and streamed online on Concert Window. The concerts will benefit nonprofit environmental law organizations Earthjustice and the Southern Environmental Law Center, and representatives from the organizations will speak about how people can best preserve environmental policies that will undoubtedly be on the chopping block during the Trump era.

“We wanted to bring our communities together in support of the people that will help fight policies that go against everything we believe,” said Brooklyn fiddler Lily Henley, one of the event’s organizers and performers. “It’s an overwhelming time, and we are just trying to use our music to engage, stay active and stay awake. We are starting small, that’s the only place we can start.”

More details on these events below. See my previous post for a deeper look at the role of folk music in the Trump era.

Jalopy Theater
7PM ET on Sunday, January 29th
Tickets | Live Stream
The Brother BrothersCourtney Hartman, Lily & Duncan, Jean Rohe, Phoebe Hunt & Dominick Leslie, Stephanie Coleman & James Shipp, and Hannah Read.
Benefiting Earthjustice

The Family Wash and Garage Coffee
6PM CT on Sunday, January 29th
Tickets | Live Stream
Haas Kowert Tice10 String Symphony, Molly Tuttle, The Danberrys, Nora Jane Struthers & Joe Overton, George Jackson & Adam Roszkiewicz, and Kaitlyn Raitz & Ben Plotnick
Benefiting the Southern Environmental Law Center

The Bluegrass Situation Premieres "Open Your Door"

November 17, 2014

One doesn't typically hear Judeo-Spanish lyrics sung over traditional fiddle music, but Lily Henley is living proof that the two seemingly disparate forms go together pretty darn well.

Iowa Public Radio Review

June 6, 2014

Lily Henley’s “Words Like Yours” is the latest CD to arrive in my mailbox, seemingly out of nowhere, and knock my socks off.  It actually arrived from New York, by way of a promoter in Seattle, but its roots span continents. 


Collaborative Music Video with Shanghai Restoration Project and Brittany Haas Reaches 30,000 views

September, 2013

The Shanghai Restoration Project is the brainchild of Dave Liang, a musician and producer who fuses traditional Chinese sounds with Hip-Hop and other modern influences.  Lately he's gotten a little taste of the folk world and has produced a Chinese music record for singer/songwriter/banjoist Abigail Washburn.  Brittany Haas and I got to go into the studio with him in Brooklyn to record a funky version of the Chinese folk song Dance of Yao.


Check out the video!




New Review of Words Like Yours from Folkworks Magazine

September 15, 2012

Lily Henley's EP Words Like Yours is soothing, frenzied, sacred and profane all at once. Electrically imagined but acoustically delivered, one could call it a fusion of Sephardic Ladino melodies and Scotch-Irish fiddling. More accurately stated - it is an expression of a young woman straddling her ancestral cultures, spontaneously manipulating her inborn musical impulses...


BBC Summer Plays

September, 2013

It's been an exciting summer, with music featured on international radio shows! 

Here's a little summary of some of the plays:



September 13- Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Scotland World on 3


August 25- Frank Hennesy, BBC Radio Wales Celtic Heartbeat


August 13- Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland Music Show

August 10- "beautiful"-Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio, the Sunday Folk Radio Show

August 8- "What a great piece of music - I recommend you get a hold of this," - Bruce MacGregor, the Traveling Show on BBC Radio Scotland


July 25- Fanny Tanck on the NYC Bluegrass Scene, featured on Radio Eins Germany

Thanks for Listening!

Fatea Magazine Compares Lily's Songwriting to Alison Krauss

September 9, 2013

Singer, fiddler and songwriter Lily's debut recording comes armed with prominent endorsement from Bruce Molsky no less, on which basis she should be worth at least a good attentive listen… which she definitely proves. Her striking musical character and high degree of individual accomplishment are clear right from the outset on this bold, upfront collection. Generically, I guess it might best be termed Old World Americana, but additional distinctive elements come into play over the course of this EP, informed by Lily's background and subsequent musical experiences...

Alan Wilkinson of Northern Sky Gives Words Like Yours A Mention

August 24, 2013

Lily Henley's WORDS LIKE YOURS EP demonstrates perfectly a singer/musician who has done her homework. Having already absorbed a variety of Celtic and American roots influences, which could easily have resulted in an earlier recording, Lily went on to further explore the music and language of Sephardic culture in Israel, before teaming up with noted Israeli jazz musician Omer Avital to record the impressive seven songs that make up her debut release.

Folk World Features Lily

August 22, 2013

Lily Henley "Words Like Yours" (EP, Own label, 2013). Singer and fiddler Lily Henley was brought up with traditional Irish and Cape Breton music, but eventually found her own voice in the music and language of the Sephardic culture. "Words Like Yours" is her 7 track debut EP, featuring a mix of American, European and Middle Eastern roots music.

Folkworks Writes Lily Into The Mix

July-August, 2013

The river of sound overflows its banks when the floodgates of musical programming open every summer in Los Angeles. Even in one of the world’s sonic meccas, the occasional periods of drought during the rest of the year make one long for the sweet abundance of sounds that abounds from June through September. As happens every year around this time, the currents run so deep and swift that...

Beat Surrender Features Lily

June 1, 2013

Singer-songwriter and fiddler Lily Henley is a cultural sponge, soaking up influences wherever she’s travelled and lived, the Boston born artist singer has released her debut EP Words Like Yours, having attended a series of...

Words Like Yours on the Folk DJ List

May, 2013

Words Like Yours, a 7-song EP featuring an exciting mix of new and old songs, is #45 on the Folk DJ List of Albums for May, 2013! 

Get the album here

New Article From New York Music Daily

April 26, 2013

In her own individualistic way, violinist/singer Lily Henley encapsulizes the two most happening sounds coming out of New York right now: Americana and gypsy music. But what she writes isn’t either straight-up country or gypsy music. Her Americana songs often reflect her New England Conservatory training. Her darker, more Middle Eastern tinged material draws on her immersion in Sephardic music – she credits a three-year stay in Tel Aviv as being transformative. She’s playing the final show of her Tuesday night residency at Pete’s Candy Store on April 30 at 10 PM. As is the case with pretty much any good musician who bridges two musical worlds, she has a deep address book to draw from and varies her supporting cast...

Concert Review from The Algemeiner

February 12, 2012

At several points in the program, Henley becomes her own accompanist. As the ephemeral notes of Two Eagles, another of her compositions– wafts across the auditorium; one can almost hear soft winds blowing across the plains. Henley’s travels between musical cultures are eminently smooth. As the deep vibrating sounds of the bass fiddle introduces The Hummingbird “my second song” says the singer – one almost hears the echoes of a young Judy Collins...

NY Times Covers Sephardic Music Festival

December 15, 2011

The weeklong Sephardic Music Festival, now in its seventh year, should put to rest those notions with its eclectic lineup of traditional and contemporary artists, including many dedicated to fusing disparate sounds or bridging new and old...

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